The fifth edition of Pitch Festival will kick off this weekend at Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The impressive line-up is suggesting it will be a fun two-days. Featured in our #50 issue, Canadian singer Grimes will be performing, as well as William Phillips, a.k.a. Tourist, alongside many more. For those not familiar, Tourist is an electronic musician and is co-writer of Grammy-winning Song of 2015 Stay with Me by Sam Smith.

To get a feeling of what PITCH is like, watch last year’s impression on our Facebook. Weekend and day tickets are available on


David Bowie Shares Video for “Lazarus”

Bedridden, haunted, possessed: music icon David Bowie has released the video for his new single “Lazarus” prior to the release of his new album “Blackstar”, out January 8th. In the video, the singer is shown in bed in what appears to be a psychic ward. While wearing a tight blindfold, Bowie moves around the bed frantically while mouthing the lyrics. “Look up here man, I’m in danger”, he sings, “I’ve got nothing left to lose”. Later on, Bowie hints at his past days when shown in a striped full-on bodysuit while convulsively writing in a notebook. At the end of the video, Bowie retreats to a closet, seeming to have lost his mind. Resigning, his last lines are: “Oh, I’ll be free, ain’t that just like me”. January 8th will not only mark the release date of the artist’s 25th studio album, but also his 69th birthday. Watch the video for "Lazarus" below.


Funky Fresh

October 21, 2015, saw Terranova and Brixton’s finest Stereo MC’s team up to launch “Connected” – a label primarily for contemporary electronic music. In joining the venture, the Cologne-based electro music label Kompakt act as distributors. With a focus on quality, vinyl records accompany digital releases, artworks are fresh and original, whilst a platform is provided for music artists to bounce ideas of each other and cultivate something really special in their sound.

To mark this occasion and as a symbol of a long, productive working relationship between Terranova and Stereo MC’s, they’ve created “connected 001”, a limited edition product package, available axclusively at No.74 or Included in this is a logo-printed sweatshirt complete with lettering by Berlin-based artist Carsten Fock. There is also a USB stick, with Terranova’s dubversion of “connected” by the Stereo MC’s and an hour long DJ mix…Could you ask for more?

On December 4, 2015, the label will release their first record by the two founders, before an album of the same nature and a number of songs from likeminded artists…Exciting stuff!


HFN Reworked Vol.1 - Various Artists

In this first volume of the hfn’s music catalogue rework series, Neville Attree modifies and electrifies selected tracks from Reptile Youth, Darkness Falls and Human Woman. The Faded Ranger producer Attree twists and reworks in unexpected ways, creating a distinctively club-friendly sound. Using freestyle remixing and retrospective futurism, the producers’ compact instrumental form is delivered to you by way of melodic bass, attuned to both dancing pleasures and lounging leisure.

This reworked revelation includes three instrumental versions of reinvented classics hailing from the label’s formative years. A style reminiscent of “retrospective futurism”, Attree produces works fit for the bustling underground rave to the offbeat if not avant-garde soiree.

Various Artists – hfn reworked eins is available as of 25 May 2015 on hafendisko.



'Elastic Heart' by Sia Starring Shia Labeouf

Few music videos bear the hallmarks of exceptional iconography these days – rarely do they execute it twice – but the rulebook goes out the window with Sia’s latest release, rendered all the more surreal for its casting of Shia LaBeouf.

An extension of the narrative behind her unforgettable Grammy-nominated promo for ‘Chandelier’ released in May last year, the video for ‘Elastic Heart’ proves an equally unforgettable sequel, again featuring platinum-haired protagonist Maddie Ziegler, this time dancing alongside LaBeouf. Under the confines of a giant iron cage set in a steely vacant warehouse, Ziegler and LaBeouf present a poignant performance, the same iconic nude leotards ravaged by dirt, carving the contour of second round of awe-inspiring choreography, crafted under the artful eye of film-maker Daniel Askill. To brand the film a mere music video would be an injustice; here we have the second of two extraordinary works of art.


WENDE releases LP

Dutch singer WENDE released an exclusive LP from her album ‘Last Resistance‘ featuring four additional remixes by renowned musicians such as Nackt, Michael Ilbert and Tilman Hopf. Recording the LP in Berlin, her very deep and personal work got captured in a this very special edition. Just on time with the release, WENDE started her club tour entitled ‘The Berlin Sessions‘ in the Netherlands and will proceed in Germany in 2014. 

‘Last Resistance‘ brings up beautiful deep sounds and obscure samples accompanied by stunning vocals and trance sounds. WENDE‘s music has been visually translated in collaboration with Mulholland International. ‘Last Resistance‘ is released with a limited edition of a booklet featuring Miron Zownir’s photographs of WENDE in an old sanatorium of the outskirts of Berlin.


Punk+ by Sheila Rock

When Punk gatecrashed the seventies, Sheila Rock was part of the party. Having moved to London from Boston “as part of the David Bowie scene”, a chance invite from friend and Patti Smith guitarist, Lenny Kaye, made Rock spectator to a then-anonymous outfit, that just so happened to be The Clash. Only clairvoyance could have earmarked that the decision to take her camera that night would have life-changing implications.

Rock became the eyes and ears of the Punk movement, amplifying it's anarchic uprising through photographs which serve to document social history – quite extraordinary for an artist who very much fell into the trade inadvertently.

Raw and rebellious, her images reflect the era candidly. Portraits of musicians and soon-to-be figureheads, Souixsie Soux and the Sex Pistols, are composed with the unassuming honesty that is integral to its time, while snapshots from the street unapologetically catalogue the surging changes in fashion, politics and lifestyle.

Compiled for the release of her limited edition book, Punk+ captures the attitude of the age with unabating energy. Select photographs by Sheila Rock feature at the Met Costume Institute's Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition, while in London, a collection of images will be exhibited at Rough Trade East until 30th June.


Woodkid - I Love You Video

Where the last music video by Woodkid left off, the new one starts: Having lost his two-horned helmet and his shoe, the little wiking boy lies on the floor looking dead. I Love You is the third part of Yoann Lemoine’s black-and-white music video series. Rather than filming stand-alone footage for each video he chose to tell a continous story.
Being both the musician and the director of the video, Lemoine managed to create another masterpiece. The images invoke a cinematic atmosphere as music videos rarely do today. The settings are mountainous and rocky areas as well as white foamy sea shores, which make up impressive shots.

In I Love You the Russian model Matvey Lykov is making a reappearance as a modern day priest sporting a look by Kris Van Assche. He was already featured in Woodkid’s first video Iron alonside Agyness Deyn. This video tells a story of a man losing a loved one and then drowning in the icy waves of the ocean himself. He dies twice – first on the inside and later his body dies as well. This sad, yet beautiful video is promoting Woodkid’s EP The Golden Age coming out on March 18th.


Soul Seek Internet Opera

“Soul Seek orbits around the feeling of loosing oneself in the dark forest of another, when the way back is no longer in sight.”

This fascinating Internet opera was directed by Sjaron Minailo from Amsterdam based Studio Minailo and written and preformed by Anat Spiegel. It is an examination of the emotional textures of self-perception and the desolating process of projecting our own identity onto one another. This musical drama can be seen as a fourth movement in the ongoing artistic dialogue about identity-loss and identity-switch, as it was initiated by August Strindberg with his play The Stronger, then further examined in Ingmar Bergman's Persona, and David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Resonating with these previous artistic statements about the vulnerability of the self, Soul Seek concentrates on the Sisyphean desire for curing one's own damaged self through random identification and projection.

A must see -


The Kids of America

The return of Hilfiger Denim Live to Amsterdam's pop temple Paradiso marked a successful launch of the new Hilfiger Denim Spring/Summer 2011 campaign: Kids of America. Powerful performances and sets by artists such as Tommie Sunshine, Dutch electro-rap-hybrid De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, the New York Nu Disco duo Holy Ghostsinger/ songwriter Lissy Trullie and the American pop sensation Sky Ferreira set the crowd on fire and made the event to an unforgettable happening.



Ambient Übervater Amir Abadi aka Dr. Atmo had a dream that falls in this very category: a music project that had been born twenty years and forty albums earlier. More of a music lover than established producer at the time, he was deeply impressed by One World, One Voice, an album produced by Rupert Hine as a 'chain tape' including contributions from more than 150 musicians from across the globe. Dr. Atmo knew that one day he would come up with his own interpretation of this idea. One day finally arrived about three years ago - and the double album Eclectic is now finally completed.

Dr. Atmo invited nine musicians, from different genres but all international masters in their own right, to play together under the name 'Lightz.' Lightz members include renowned German Dub producer Aldubb, punk rock bassist Beda, percussion legend and Achmed Subhy-trained Michael Metzler, concert pianist and Bobby McFerrin student Johanna Seiler (piano, vocals) as well as Jah Seal (Reggae & MC), Nina Gerhard aka Laloba (Jazz, Experimental Pop), Lani Moon and Ole Junge (R&B, Soul) as well as Nuwella Love (Dancehall, Pop). 

Eclectic by Atmo & The Lightz proves that mixing modern production techniques and traditional instruments can produce some amazing results.

Artist: Atmo and the Lightz
Label: Brilliant Tree Records
Release: August 2010
Format: 2 x CD
Time: 130 min


RBMA Stage at Sónar

Sónar might be over, but the music and sunshine is still reverberating on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. 

There were many highlights of the Academy-curated stage at the Barcelona festival. Robot Koch of Jahcoozi fame brought out singer Graciela Maria aka Grace and went through a selection of beats, mutant electro and dubstep tunes. Pursuit Grooves, newly signed to Bristol dubstep don Pinch's Tectonic label, thrilled us with her live performance that included singing, MCing and dancing alongside her MPC and laptop - playing songs including Start Something and Shapbaps as well as some unreleased tunes. Then, accompanied by Eglo boss Alex Nut on the turntables, Swedish-by-way-of-London soul singer Fatima freestyled over Wu-Tang as a opener and quickly moved onto the singalong anthem Soul Glo roundly dispersing hangovers. 

On Saturday, the Academy's SónarDome stage saw three days and nights of hedonism come to an emotional close. Detroit legend Moodymann kicked off his set with true Academy anthem Tea Leaf Dancers (by Academy alumni Flying Lotus and Andreya Triana), before swaying the packed tent with boogie, disco and Detroit classics: everything from Dilla and Funkadelic to the JB's and Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant. Lunice set ears ablaze with hyped cut-ups of Soulja Boy and David Banner packaged with the Canadian's trademark outsize on-stage energy and a glittering undercurrent of bass. Jackmaster did the honour of the last set, dropping rave classics of past and future, before bringing the Academy's stage to a humid close with Prince's I Would Die 4 U. He described the experience as "a dream come true."


Pass The Mic

Flying Lotus © Thomas Butler,
Red Bull Photofiles

The Red Bull Music Academy London Edition 2010 saw some of hip hop's most notable sitting down to talk candidly about everything from finding their feet on the mic, to the merits of practice and discipline. Jay Electronica talked about one of his major influences Nas, while Roots Manuva explained how he discovered his patter. Dam-FunK repped like the Mr Miyagi of boogie, trying to knock the importance of discipline into our heads, while Flying Lotus gave a peek into the Brainfeeder clan with an exclusive radio interview and mix - with a couple of forthcoming exclusives. 

Participants London © Dan Wilton,
Red Bull Photofiles 


Future, Present, Past, The Strokes Travel Back In Time

It has been pretty quiet from the American indie-rock band front in recent years, however the wait for new music has come to an end. The Strokes last studio album Comedown Machine was released back in 2013, but they decided to cut off from social media and not promote the album, with only a few performances here and there. The new EP Future, Present, Past is available now for you to enjoy. Lead singer Julian Casablancas debuted OBLIVIUS on his own radio show, Culture Void on Sirius XMU. The extended play consists of four tracks, three original new songs and a remix of OBLIVIUS, by Moretti. The band completely distinguish themselves from what’s currently on the hit lists and sticks to what works for them, which results in a moody but balanced album soothing for the upcoming summer. It’s a satisfying new addition to your vacation playlist.



Christmas is nothing without a good soundtrack. Therefore, we at ZOO created a unique YouTube playlist for you to listen to – wherever you are in the world. It includes everything from kitsch classics to unexpected renditions from HipHop and Rock artists. Enjoy!


Peaches Releases New Album “Rub”

What else is in the teaches of Peaches? By the sounds of “Dick in the Air” and “Vaginoplasty”, it’s pretty much a sex-only subject. The notorious Canadian has announced her latest album, “Rub”, which features the likes of Kim Gordon, Simonne Jones and Feist. An electro mish mash of grimey, sexy synths and provocative lyrics, Peaches is back with her awesome new track “Light in Places”…Be warned however, with Empress Stah beaming a lazor out of her crotch throughout the video, it is not for the faint hearted… but then again who out of Peaches’ fanbase has ever been fainthearted.


MOKE Returns With Their New Single ‘LET IT BURN’

Hailing from the canals of Amsterdam, Moke returns after a one and a half year hiatus. With the announcement of their upcoming fourth studio album, ‘LET IT BURN’ signals the return of a long-awaited return to the music scene.

With their distinctive guitar and newly incorporated influences brought from sources such as the keyboardist Eddy Steeneken and the Swedish producer Daniel Gibson. ‘LET IT BURN’ is the prelude to the upcoming album to be released this fall, as well as the first celebratory ring of their 10th anniversary.

Over ten years the band has enjoyed accolades such as achieving gold for their debut album ‘Shorland’, performances in prominent Dutch festivals (such as Pinkpop and Lowlands), to theatre and European tours, including a unique collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra.

Ease the wait of their album release with ‘LET IT BURN’, now on Spotify.


Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 by Margeir

Icelandic musician DJ Margeir Ingolfsson has released the third instalment to his highly acclaimed Blue Lagoon Soundtrack.
The soundtrack fuses electronic sounds with relaxing tones and is named after one of Iceland’s most visited attractions that is recognised as one of the wonders of the world. Comprising of unreleased and new material as well as classic 1960s Icelandic tracks, the album offers an eclectic mix of unique music.
Famous both in Iceland and worldwide, DJ Margeir has travelled the world since the early 1990s playing alongside Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Booka Shade and Trentemoller and made a name for himself as one half of Gluteus Maximus beside President Bongo.


Trentemøller – Lost

You could say Anders Trentemøller has pulled out a wild card yet again, but what would a more 'predictable' album have conformed to anyway? Though Lost has timbres of the Trentemøller guitar sound of 2010's Into the Great Wide Yonder, his third full-length piece leaps far away from anything the artist has produced before; less cinematic, more track-driven. Club sonics creep in from The Last Resort, but find their own shape in a surprisingly-mixed landscape.

Twelve tracks retain the haunting ambience that defined Lost's predecessors, but a pulsing sub woofer bass tone leads the sound to punk rock – barbarous and raw. Each listen opens the door to an unheard tenor, boundlessly profound in its burying depth. This is the sound of months of isolation. Self-induced insomnia made way for unbridled experimentation; Constantinople is weighed down by heavy organ grooves, while the single Never Stop Running features Jonny Pierce of The Drums in a ghostly electronic wave. Solitary confinement did make exception for the odd considered musical collaboration. Sune Wagner of The Ravonettes is impetuously dropped into a club song to exhilerating effect, while the other appearances from slow-core pioneers Low and the shoegazey dream pop of Kazu Makino weave an elaborate tapestry that is – true to form – expectedly unexpected.

Lost is released September 23rd 2013


Overgrown by James Blake

James Blake is back with another record that might shine even brighter than his eponymous 2011 release. On the new album soft and humming vocals or spoken phrases are paired with minimal bass and piano sounds. Overgrown has the same quiet minimalist approach as the genuine debut album. It's as much true to Blake's style as it is an evolution of his music.

The 24-year old only recently admitted to Theresa Wayman of the Los Angeles based band Warpaint being his girlfriend and how being in a relationship has made him grow as well as change his music.
In total there are ten new tracks with the album's first single being Retrograde. Collaborations with American rapper and the Wu Tang Clan's RZA as well as British musician Brian Eno make the record even more worth listening to.


Henrik Vibskov and Mountain Yorokobu

Fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is signed by Fake Diamond Records to conceive and curate 5 Mountain Yorokobu albums. These albums are mostly improvised live performances with different musicians, concepts, locations and sounds. This project can be considered as a contra-movement with emphasis on authenthic music and traditional instruments rather than the slick and polished sounds of computer-made music. The music is diverse; from bluegrass to ambient, resulting in a different mood and feel for each song.


Elita Design Week Music Festival

The 7th edition of the Elita festival will take place from the 18-22nd April during the renowned design event, The Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

This 5 day festival not only features a major line up of live bands/concerts and DJ sets, including: SKRILLEX - JAMIE JONES - LITTLE DRAGON - BRANDT BRAUER FRICK ENSEMBLE - SOUL CLAP - MATTHEW HERBERT - MAYA JANE COLES - MR SCRUFF - CONNAN MOCKASIN - THE FIELD - VONDELPARK - CHELSEA WOLFE - and many more, but also has panel discussions, cultural events, exhibitions, and the annual “Elita” design award.

The festival is based in Milan and is a unique mix of music, style, design, innovation and an eclectic mix of all that inspires our lifestyle. Its community is mainly made of artists & designers, communicators and music lovers, which during the Salone becomes an international audience.

The motto for the 2012 edition of the festival is – “Work Hard, Party Harder”. Elita is an addition to the design week and Salone del Mobile is the most relevant cultural event in Italy. For more information go to

VIDEO - Adam Port x Ruede Hagelstein

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Berlin based producer Adam Port just released a new video for his current track Corrosive Love. It features guestvocals by fellow producer Ruede Hagelstein, who recently had a massive clubhit with his own Emergency. Ports new single will be out on March 29th on Keinemusik.



Kanye West has commissioned a video work by critically acclaimed artist, Marco Brambilla, to accompany the release of his new single Power from his upcoming album. The video piece premiered on MTV on Thursday, August 5th, 2010.  

Power is a neo-classical video tableau, a single continuous camera move from an extreme close up of Mr. West gradually revealing an epic composition showing characters and creatures surrounding him in an abstract environment - all moving in extreme slow motion. Inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, the piece depicts a faux historical moment - an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.


A Sound Mind

Adam Port is a DJ who wears a Rolex and plays minimal techno music. This Berliner breaks all the rules of the genre: he unites opposites and brings back to techno an element that was lost long ago – glamour. 

Port is not a typical minimal-nerd, but just addicted to their music, and because he’s not a spaced-out, after-hours hippy even if he plays in their clubs, he straddles two worlds. He can party but still rise early and his modesty is tempered by grand gestures.  

"Sometimes I come home from a party in the morning, so euphoric and inspired that I must immediately capture the mood in music."

A Sound Mind - Special DJ mix by Adam Port for Nike Sportswear x Zoo Magazine

Read the full story in the current Zoo Magazine issue.

Photography by David Fischer @ Schierke Photographers


Peaches’ Free Drink Ticket

Peaches is heartbroken and it’s for everyone to see. The uninhibited singer has released the music video to her latest single “Free Drink Ticket”. The clip sees the songstress with a white-painted face and dressed in a leather-net-dress that, as often, exposes every inch of her body. While surrounded by similarly spare-dressed dancers, Peaches performs a kind of ceremony with a pig-headed snake that one can easily interpret as the person addressed in the song itself. “Free Drink Ticket” is a break-up anthem and probably the most honest and forward one to date. In her usual spoken-lyrics-style, the Canadian singer voices phrases like “you were shitting on me, how could I not smell it?” or “spineless coward, I can’t fucking stand liars”, adorned by the occasional thrown-in “fuck you”. The track was taken from Peaches’ 2015 LP “Rub” and is already the sixth release from the album. “Your personality turned to white powder, your brain’s clammed up chowder”, she says, “another free drink ticket, will that make it okay? Drink it up, bitch.” Cheers to you, Peaches.

Peaches - Free Drink Ticket from Peaches on Vimeo.


Björk Premieres Music Video for Mouth Mantra

Icelandic singer Björk takes viewers inside her own mouth in her latest music video. “Mouth Mantra” is taken from her album “Vulnicura” and reportedly focuses on a vocal surgery Björk had to face. “I was not heard”, she exclaims in the lyrics, to later conclude: “I am not hurt”. The accompanying visuals to “Mouth Mantra” now give fans an insight into Björk’s throat. Starting off with a zoom-in on a pink tongue, the video then moves to distorted images inside the whole mouth. Further on, the artist herself is seen dancing in a bodysuit, decorated with white straps. Dark backgrounds and dimmed light create the mysterious atmosphere that has defined the singer’s work for years. Safe to say that with this one, Björk, you will be heard.


Dez Mona’s “Origin” gets in Touch with their Emotional Side

August 28, 2015, saw the bearded Belgian band Dez Mona release their long-awaited new album “Origin” with Caroline Benelux records. Steering away from the Rock tones of previous album, “A Gentleman’s Agreement”, Nicolas Rombouts’ bass guides listeners back to the band’s more traditional, musical roots of Jazz and gospel with Gregory Frateur’s flawless voice and accompanying double bass, accordion drums and guitars all swiftly in tow. The raw emotion of lyrics is unescapable, whilst the pulsating bassline of first single and album opener “Does it make you, happy?” captivates and thrills. The band also go on tour with the album, starting in October.

Dez Mona “Origins” album is available to purchase from record stores in Belgium and the Netherlands and is also available online from their website.


TERRANOVA 'Restless' out on KOMPAKT

Following their acclaimed 2012 album Hotel Amour, TERRANOVA presents their new magnum opus RESTLESS. Consisting of the electronic DJ/Producer duo Fetisch and &ME, the latest release is a groovy ten-track collection of cosmic melodies.

The duo’s sixth LP delivers solid sounds for house aficionados, featuring collaborators such as Brooklyn singer Mandel Turner, Denmark’s Lydmor, Bonhomme and longtime collaborator Cath Coffey. Having been produced in “liquid Terranova soundsystem” fashion the LP is inspired by interpersonal and interstellar travelling.

The ambient and sturdy bass-injected sounds take on a melancholic ruggedness with the help of solid vocals. The totality can be described as a ‘dirtier’, outlandish affair. With tracks appropriately named KEPLER 186F and UNDERVERSE, the amalgamation of funky tracks should be ready to rock your interstellar house.

The 12-inch vinyl will be available on Kompakt, along with CD and digital downloads on May 11th.



Curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the international retrospective David Bowie will be showcased in Berlin.

The exhibition illustrates David Bowie’s artistic development during his time in Berlin and includes sketches for record covers, drawings and paintings by David Bowie, song lyrics and photographs. Speaking on why the exhibition is being showcased in Berlin, project manager of the exhibition, Sarah Zimmermann explained “we quickly realised that we wanted to highlight Bowie’s creative period in the divided city more strongly.”

It was in Berlin that Bowie wrote music history at the end of the 1970s and which became the source to some of his most prominent, successful and artistic work such as Low (1977), Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979). As a frequent visitor to the Brücke Museum in Dahlem, Bowie had a strong interest in the Berlin art scene and German Expressionism, providing him with inspiration for his own work.

Containing work of Bowie’s that was previously unseen to the public; the exhibition highlights old and modern Berlin as well as illustrating Bowie’s most exquisite work and the inspirations behind them. The exhibition will take place from 20th May to 10th August 2014 at the Martin-Gropius-Bau of the Berliner Festspiele.


Die Antwoord - 'Cookie Thumper'


Where do you go from a promotional video that sparked worldwide controversy? Die Antwoord certainly knew the way when they directed the video for their new single, Cookie Thumper.

The track is preceded by a two minute dialogue, in which vocalist Yolandi Vi$$er plays an orphan, picking up marijuana from gangster crush, Anies, who is fresh out of prison. Inviting the first of many provocative references is only topped by what ensues: pot-smoking and oversexed dancing shakes through the orphanage to a cranked-up-tempo. Here, indecency and perversion are more just a mere suggestion, with paedophillic undertones ablast. Decency aside, Die Antwoord delivered what Die Antwoord does best – and that's unrestrained visual bedlam to a tune that's antagonistically catchy – the shrill hook of its chorus alone will make ears ring forever after.


CocoRosie Cover Art – Tales of a GrassWidow

Exactly two months from now the new CocoRosie album entitled Tales of a GrassWidow will be released. In Europe it will be available from the 27th of May, while it will be released a day later in the United States.

It seems such a long time ago since the two sisters released Grey Oceans in 2010. Lovers of their bittersweet tunes have been longing for news about the new record for a while and finally they could take a sneak peek at the cover art, which appeared on the duo's facebook page. The launch of Tales of a GrassWidow will be accompanied by a Europe tour making stops in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


Haunting with Bat for Lashes

With her non-compromising taste and style, Bat for Lashes’Natasha Khan always followed her own road both music-wise and fashion-wise. Her latest album, The Haunted Man, is enthralling and mystical as if it comes from some other, more magical world. The pensive voice of Khan and the dreamy music is sometimes interceded with tribal drums. Some electronic touches here and there render some songs, for example All your gold, more danceable. In the song Laura, Khan is only accompanied by a piano. This makes for a fragile song in which the strong vocals take a centre stage while in another song, Marilyn (a collaboration with Beck), it sounds as if Bat for Lashes shares the singing with mysterious creatures.

Bat for Lashes is known for creating an aura around her persona. This time, the music is packaged in an intriguing cd-cover photographed by Ryan McGinley. It shows a vulnerable, nude Khan with a boy wrapped around her shoulders. The psyche of this young singer must be a very interesting and lovely one, this album gives us a little peek inside it.


Hilfiger Denim Live

The Tommy Hilfiger Group is pleased to announce the launch of its Hilfiger Denim Live European tour. 

Kicking off in Milan on October 13, 2011, Hilfiger Denim Live will continue onwards to Berlin on October 20, and then finally finish in Madrid on October 27. 

Hilfiger Denim Live will make its long-awaited return to Milan on October 13 at the local music hot spot, Magazzini Generali. Taking to the stage will be renowned artists such as the New York City-based Theophilus London and Mia Moretti – who are featured in the Kids of America Fall 2011 campaign.

The event’s next stop is in Berlin on October 20, and will be hosted at the soon-to-open Club GRETCHEN. Among the performers are Miami-born electronic artist Uffie and the American indie pop rock band “of Montreal”. Traveling then to Madrid on October 27 for the final leg of the tour, the performers will take residence at the popular music venue Sala Heineken, where acts such as the New York-based band The Rapture, Brooklyn-based Nu-disco and R&B trio Jessica 6 will perform.


Hilfiger Denim Live

Tommy Hilfiger announces the return of Hilfiger Denim Live to Amsterdam. The event, set to take place on March 17th, marks the launch of the new Hilfiger Denim Spring/Summer 2011 campaign: Kids of America. The campaign showcases new multimedia talents - artists, bloggers, promotors, producers and DJ's - of which some will perform during this annual music event in pop temple Paradiso.

The line-up includes New York DJ duo Holy Ghost, remixer, DJ and songwriter Tommie Sunshine, singer/songwriter Lissy Trullie and the American pop sensation Sky Ferreira.

Hilfiger Denim Live
Thursday, March 17th, 2011
Doors open at 21:30 hrs

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands


More than a festival

Dockville is the idea of an alternative presentation of music, arts, culture and educational work. This year is the fourth time for the Dockville Festival to take place. Dockville's edition of 2010 will once again set new benchmarks in terms of the integration of visual arts and a musical line-up consisting of 90 national and international bands and DJs. The festival’s unique central location in the city of Hamburg with the outstanding fusion of urban industry and natural elements like water and green spaces, creates a one-of-a-kind festival feeling.

August 13th - 15th, 2010

Reiherstieg Hauptdeich
Ecke Alte Schleuse
21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg



Smart is peer-to-peer.
Stupid is face to face.

Diesel announces the birth of Facepark.
A stupid idea that might change the world.
But probably won't.

Diesel Facepark Party
Sunday, June 20th
from 15:00 hrs

Vorplatz Max Schmeling Halle


CTM Festival in Berlin


This week sees the midpoint of Berlin’s CTM festival, an international event for “Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts”. This extensive title works quite well as an all-round description of what the 8-day festival has in store. The programme will line up performances by artists such as rapper Le1f, performing Thursday night, next to exhibitions, concerts and a discourse programme. 2016 already presents the 17th edition of the festival, which carries a new theme with each edition. This year, “New Geographies” is set to explore the collapsing borders and changing topographies in our world. Blurring lines in worlds such as gender and ethnicity, globalization and physically bound cultural identities find examination through the works of artists, special projects, commissioned works, lecturers and contributors. Dance or discuss the night away in Berlin this week – always on the verge of change. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Keiji Haino


Grimes Releases New Video from forthcoming “Art Angels”

Blood drenched, purple wigged, Renaissance dressed Grimes has just let loose her self-directed video for “Flesh Without Blood”/ “Life in the Vivid Dream”. This is taken from her forthcoming album, “Art Angels”, which will be available digitally from November 4 on 4AD. A fully solo venture, as all of Grimes’ previous albums, she plays piano, guitar and even violin throughout the album. Impressed? It gets better, as this record also contains the largest amount of live instrumentation than any of her earlier ones, as well as including collaborations with Janelle Monáe and fresh-faced newcomer, Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. 

With her European headline tour kicking off next Spring in Brixton, London, you even have enough time to learn all the lyrics. Get excited!


Converse Rubber Tracks – Who Wants To Play?

Unlocking the doors to iconic studios the world over, Converse Inc. announces their global program Converse Rubber Tracks. Legendary spaces such as Abbey Road, Sunset Sound, Converse’s own two Rubber Tracks studios make up just some of the 12 landmark studios that will provide aspiring musicians the chance to record original music at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

Since its flagship studio opened in Brooklyn in 2011, the Converse Rubber Tracks team has collaborated with over 900 emerging artists, providing access to top-level recording equipment and instruments at no cost – with the artist retaining all rights. Converse’s Global Music Marketing Director Jed Lewis outlined Converse’s long dedication to the music industry, “As a brand so deeply rooted in the next generation of creative spirits, we’re eager to make history while inspiring creativity and self-expression among music communities worldwide.

Global registration remains open until Wednesday, June 24th and is open to all emerging artists, bands and musicians aged 18 and older, of all genres and across the globe to register for this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

For more information and a chance to chase your recording-studio dreams, go to


Minailo’s Medúlla

Sjaron Minailo is a child of the nineties, and of postmodernism. Throughout the years, he has always found inspiration in the works of musician and artist Björk. He has now directed a new piece based on her album Medúlla, where several generations meet to celebrate the art of the opera.

The spectacular costumes and intriguing set have been designed by Henrik Vibskov, who has managed to create a visual style that fits Medúlla perfectly.


Gesaffelstein “Hate or Glory"

Legendary French music producer and DJ Gesaffelstein released the official video for 'Hate or Glory‘, a record from his upcoming debut album 'Aleph', directed by creative duo Fleur & Manu. The remarkable cinematic work shows strong images accompanied by impressive sounds of dark techno beats and repeating riffs, which are underling the greed for money, power and glory. Introduced by the words "Ain‘t you remember, who put you on, who made you", the clip shows a rather serious story of a gang conflict in the streets of Los Angeles. The protagonist revolst against his mentor and than shoots him down, in conclusion of his new materialistic fame. He takes a bath in a tub full of golden liquid of melted jewellery, enjoying his new found power until he finally meets his old gang and get's killed. His golden body explodes as if it never existed. This evocative, ficitve video is a true masterpiece and adds a unique note to this yet strong sound.


Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival

Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival Since 1993, London's Southbank Centre has marked the start of the summer season with its guest-directed Meltdown Festival. Each year, one of the world's most celebrated musicians is given free rein to curate the bill, restricted by neither media nor convention. Such freedom certainly makes for an eclectic treasure-trove of events. Past years have put the line-up in the trusted hands of Nick Cave, Patti Smith and David Bowie, but this year sees Yoko Ono take full charge.

Kicking off the revelry this Friday will be a rare performance by the curator herself, with the Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band. The week brings more musical delights in the form of performances by Iggy and the Stooges, Peaches and Marianne Faithfull. June 15th and 16th shine a light on activism, with a weekend of talks and workshops led by artists and activists who strive for change. Patti Smith makes a welcome return to the festival, with An Evening of Words and Music, an intimate recital of her Poetry back catalogue. Meanwhile, a selection of Ono's favourite films will screen throughout the festival at the neighbouring BFI cinema, including rarely seen footage by John and Yoko. The John Lennon Educational Tourbus will also be parked outside the Royal Festival Hall, running intensive programmes for young local artists to learn how to create music videos and reportage films. About the initiative, Yoko Ono said, “This is a project John Lennon would have loved”.

Yoko Ono's Meltodown Festival runs at various venues of the Soutbank Centre, London, from June 14th-23rd.


Beach House - Wishes Video

The official music video accompanying Beach House’s new release Wishes featured on their Bloom LP just had its premiere. The night has fallen and the video takes the viewer to the scenery of an American baseball game. Bright lights shine onto the pitch and reveal the most surreal images.
The dreamy voice of Victoria Legrand seems to escape the mouth of Ray Wise starring as the football coach. The cheering crowds’ facepainted faces and silent screams display wild enthusiasm for their teams. Everything is in slow motion – the happy dance of the cheerleaders, the daring stunts of the athletes, even the red fireworks bursting in the background. However, the star of the whole clip is presumably the team’s mascot, a white stallion. Director of the music video full of beautiful and bizarre imagery is Eric Wareheim.

The dreamy voice of Victoria Legrand seems to escape the mouth of Ray Wise starring as the football coach. The cheering crowds’ facepainted faces and silent screams display wild enthusiasm for their teams. Everything is in slow motion – the happy dance of the cheerleaders, the daring stunts of the athletes, even the red fireworks bursting in the background. However, the star of the whole clip is presumably the team’s mascot, a white stallion. Director of the music video full of beautiful and bizarre imagery is Eric Wareheim.


Hilfiger Denim Live

Hilfiger Denim Live is returning to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event will take place on May 30, 2012 at the city’s iconic Paradiso venue, a breathtaking converted church that has played host to the likes of the Rolling Stones, Prince, U2 and Nirvana. Now in its third year, Hilfiger Denim Live celebrates diverse, emerging international talents, along with more established musicians, by giving them the opportunity to perform at Paradiso.

This fourth edition of Hilfiger Denim Live in Amsterdam is an edgy mix of American and local up-and-coming talent. Chicago natives and glam-rock groovers Smith Westerns are performing, as well as Amsterdam’s own indie rockers Go Back to the Zoo. Another exciting act is Peaches, who will add her unmistakable, in-your-face electro-pop beats to the lineup. Also taking the stage is Nathan Williams and his Wavves project, with his own unique blend of distorted no-fi, fresh from San Diego. Whimsical Sixties folk from American husband-and-wife duo Tennis will add a nostalgic retro touch. In addition, the San Francisco band Dominant Legs will be bringing their eclectic San Francisco electro-synth-folk tunes to the stage.

Throughout the evening, local Dutch DJs will step up to the decks to keep the crowd energized. The all-star line-up includes the all-girl DJ collective Spacegirls, with their sensory journey of sound and visuals; Amsterdam’s own Mr. Wix, with his eclectic mixing of genres, from rock to rave, and house to disco; Jazz Rath and his unique blend of electro, garage and house; and Jabroer and Oimate of Alkmaar’s legendary ‘creq!’ parties, with their mix of indie, electro and classic dance anthems. Rotterdam is represented by DJ duo Hollywood & Vine and their fresh new sound, which ranges from disco to Chicago house; Ben de Boef will be providing the heavier beats.

Fans and music lovers will have the chance to win a ticket for the show, watch exclusive interviews, view “best of” videos from previous Hilfiger Denim Live events, and get a behind the scenes look at: and

Date: Wednesday May 30th 2012
Time: Doors open at 21.30

Location: Paradiso - Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam


Watch The Throne

The House of Givenchy announced that Riccardo Tisci designed all artwork featured in Jay-Z’s and Kanye West’s newest album to be released worldwide in August 2011. After designing the cover for the album’s first outing, H.A.M, in 2010, Riccardo Tisci chose to create this new gold metallic cover to celebrate one of the biggest joint effort in music history. The first single off the album Lift off, featuring Beyoncé and Bruno Mars was released to radios on July 11th 2011.



Richie Hawtin's triumphant return to the stage as Plastikman in 2010 proved that his best-known alias is as innovative and as relevant as ever. Hawtin has taken Plastikman's most classic material, originally released between 1993 and 2003, and reworked it for a truly live performance accompanied by mind-bending, synchronized visuals—a sound and light show like no other, one that collapses the distance between present-day festivals and the uncompromisingly underground warehouse parties of the mid-90s.

Just as Hawtin and his crew used to cap admission to their underground parties, Arkives' edition will be strictly limited to the pre-orders received. It's a once in a lifetime chance to experience the full sweep of Plastikman's journey so far. 

Limited edition pre-order until December 31st (ships February 2011):


The Teenagers
for a Tweet

The Teenagers are giving away their new song Made Of for a Tweet.


My Fellow Citizens

My Fellow Citizens
To New World City

Album release To New World City on May 28th, 2010

Single online release Program Disk incl. gusgus remix out now